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At Freshcode I’ve gained unique experience in approaching problem-solving more effectively, in a systematic manner. I began to pay more attention to code execution speed and its extensibility. It became easier to deal with minor fuck-ups and write clean, high-quality code.

Most of all I love Freshcode for its great team. People here are very different, with different interests and hobbies. I learn a lot from them. Our people are ready to help in any situation, no matter how difficult or time-consuming it is. From work questions and code reviews to advice about where to rent housing — you’ll always find support here :)

Yehor Tishchenko
JS Developer / Team lead at Freshcode

I've been working at Freshcode for 7 years, almost from the very beginning. During this time I went from trainee to team lead. During this time the company has come a bright way from a cozy little office to a network of open spaces.

Freshcode allowed me enough opportunities to build my career harmoniously. The company contributed to my professional growth throughout the years, with no limits within the project or the current position.

Vladyslav Bodnia
Web developer / Team lead at Freshcode

I joined the company when I was a beginner in the world of programming. For the test project I chose stack Node.js + Angular 4 (only because I heard about it before). I was shocked when I faced a wealth of information needed to explore and examine. But nothing is impossible — today I am a full-stack developer and work on a big project with great business logic. So, I am really glad that one day I chose the Freshcode internship.

I appreciate management openness at Freshcode, transparent processes, the exchange of experiences between developers, and, of course, a friendly team.

Vladyslav Perehuda
Full-stack developer at Freshcode
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